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What should you know about tortious interference?

There are many challenges that come with owning and operating a small business in Texas. It is not easy to maintain operations, stay profitable and meet all of your obligations, and sometimes, the temptation to step over the line with the competition can be too much. When the behavior of a competitor is improper and unfair, the other business has the right to hold the competitor accountable.

If you believe that your business is being impacted by tortious interference, which is the improper conduct of the competition directed at your business, you may be unsure of what to do next. You would be wise to reach for experienced business law help in order to appropriately confront the actions of the other business and to protect the interests of your own.

What qualifies as tortious interference?

In order to know if you are a victim of tortious interference, it can be helpful to know what that actually means. Tortious inference occurs when one party interferes with a contract or with the business relationships of the competition. This is grounds for legal action, and the business that suffered economic harm could have the right to financial compensation for all losses. You may find the following information helpful:

  • While sometimes an entire business can engage in tortious interference, many times it is an individual who does it, convincing a person to break his or her business contract with a third-party.
  • Negligence does not qualify as tortious inference. In order to have a valid legal claim, you must be able to prove there was an intentional action.
  • There must be clear evidence of a business relationship or a contractual relationship harmed by the actions of a specific person or business.

Competition is simply part of owning and operating a small business. However, improper competition is not, and you do not have to put up with it. You can fight back against these actions and work for the protection of your business interests.

You have the right to fight back

When your business suffers harm due to tortious interference, you may find it useful to seek the appropriate help to stop the interference and to seek rightful compensation. A close evaluation of your contracts, non-compete agreements and other aspects of your business can determine if you are a victim and help you understand the appropriate legal actions.

Tortious inference may have had an impact on your business, but you would be wise to act quickly to minimize the consequences and fight for a beneficial outcome to your current situation.

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