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Texas lawmaker wants to end no-fault divorce

No-fault divorce laws allow couples to end their marriages without having to provide valid reasoning to the court.

That means couples can simply tell the court that the marriage is not working, and they want out, without providing proof of fault such as adultery, cruelty or abandonment.

However, a state representative from Fort Worth said he wants to get rid of no-fault divorce in the state, claiming that doing so would help to make families and marriages stronger, the Houston Chronicle reported last month.

Lawmaker: Texans not taking marriage seriously enough

Republican Rep. Matt Krause said that people are not taking marriage seriously enough today, and if no-fault divorce is no longer an option, then people would "stick it out to where they can restore that relationship and the tough times in marriage."

He plans to introduce a bill during the 2017 legislative session that would require people who want to end their marriages without citing fault to live separately for three years before a divorce could be granted.

Couples who do not want to wait the three years would have to cite adultery, cruelty, abandonment, felony conviction or mental hospital confinement in order for the divorce to be granted.

Fault-based divorce opposed by family law professionals

Many family law attorneys and other professionals oppose the idea of bringing back fault-based divorce in the state, saying that it would make divorce cases much more contentious, time-consuming and expensive.

A spokesman for the Texas Family Law Foundation said it is unlikely that the bill will pass. The spokesman said that the law change would be like going "back to the old days," and would result in "excessive state involvement" in peoples' lives.

The lawmaker introduced a similar bill in 2015 that stalled after being approved by a legislative committee made up of both democrats and republicans.

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