Representing Waco Clients In Probate Administration Matters

Probate is the process through which the business matters of a recently deceased individual are addressed and resolved. In Texas, even if a person has a will when he or she dies, his or her estate will still be probated.

If you have questions or concerns about the probate process, turn to our lawyers at the Waco office of Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P. We are a firm dedicated to helping clients move forward with their lives after the death of a loved one. Our attorneys and staff strive to handle the legal details of your estate and probate case while you take the time to recover from the loss you have suffered.

Probate With A Will

When a person dies with a will in place, the probate courts determine the validity of the will. Once it is established that it is an accurate and legitimate will of the deceased, the estate can be assessed and distributed according to the terms of the will.

Probate Without A Will

If a person died without a will, the courts become even more involved in the process of distributing the assets of the estate. The estate is evaluated to determine the assets and liabilities of the estate, and debts are paid. The remainder of the estate is then distributed to beneficiaries and heirs according to Texas state laws.

Avoiding Probate

It is not always possible to completely avoid the probate process. However, having the assistance of a lawyer while planning for the future of your loved ones can go a long way toward avoiding probate, or making the process easier, later. Having a comprehensive and detailed estate plan in place can help. Our attorneys can assist individuals or families in the drafting of all documents pertaining to distribution of wealth, health care needs, etc., including, but not limited to the following:

  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Trusts
  • Health care directives (living wills)

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